My Master Knows Everything
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

My Master Knows Everything

Alternative Titles My Master Knows Everything, Wǒ De Shīfu Shénme Dōu Dǒng Yì Diǎndiǎn, 我的师父什么都懂亿点点

Synopsis My Master Knows Everything

The main character, a programmer, was accidentally reborn in the Xuanhuang world in a coma and became the master of four treasures, the peak of hundred peaks sect. He became the administrator of the Tianyuan system and could have the ability to load users into the system, from which he continuously improved his own administrator’s level and his own strength, and he and his disciples thus embarked on cheat life…

Released 2022
Author 丰祺动漫 [Add, ]
Artist 丰祺动漫 [Add, ]
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